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 Braces Application

My son had his braces put on with Dr. O'Leary and it was a very pleasant experience.  They spent a great deal of time going over things with us and made my son as comfortable as possible.  Exceptional service!


  Excellent care and personal.

I am always treated like they are happy to see me.  They make you feel special.  Let's face it having braces is not fun.  They encourage you and treat you with care. 


  Friendly Service

Everyone has done a great job across the board, very friendly people.  My daughter comes in later this year to get her braces and I'm sure that we will see the same service.  Your group did an exceptional job on unexpected visits in a very timely manner.  Thank you.


  Wait and see. . .

Early intervention has produced a beautiful smile and well functioning teeth for our son.  A top retainer will hold his teeth in place while we wait out the next few years of permanent teeth coming in.  Wonderful, friendly and caring staff made the process for our 9 year old a non-scary process.


 HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!  Friendly & professional staff.  Dr. O is great w/kids!

My daughter doesn't usually like to go to the dentist but going to the ortho appt is great for her.  She is a "tween" so independence is big now.  At Dr. O's office she likes that she is in charge of checking herself in and the staff addresses her AND me.  She feels more involved in her treatment.  She has even recommended Dr. O to her friends at school who are going to get braces.  We were referred by a patient of Dr. O's.  We have recommended Dr. O to 3 of our friends, so far, 2 have started treatment with him.  My daughter really likes the staff.  The ortho experience has a very casual setting.  Fun to have the gameboys & gaming system while waiting for her appt.  THANKS for a great experience!

Johanna H. 



I got braces on as an adult, after my 2 older boys also had them.  So I've had a lot of experience at Dr. O'Leary's office.  Couldn't ask for better care.  Staff is always friendly and helpful.  Rarely had to wait more than 5-10 minutes for appointments and always fit in when needed.  Dr. O'Leary and his staff are very good at what they do.


Becoming a patient of Dr O'Leary has been not only a great choice, but the experience has far exceeded our expectations both professionally and personally. My son's teeth were denied by two previous dentists because of how much work they needed. I went in to talk with Dr O'Leary and his staff to see if my son's teeth were something they could work with. Dr. O'Leary is top notch in his training and selection of staff! They sat us down and explained a well planned out procedure. They explained what they would do, how they would do it, how long it would take, and worked out a financial agreement that was very affordable. His staff is very well informed and educated in orthodontic care. We started the treatment plan and within months I have watched my son's smile change into something beautiful. We are in the next phase where Dr O'Leary has implemented the "Sure Smile" technology. This will cut the time he needs to have the braces on and perfect the alignment of his teeth. Dr O'Leary has kept current with the new technology in his field. His passion and joy for what he does is contagious in his office. His staff has been friendly and a joy to sit and work with. My son's smile truly has made a drastic difference in his life. He no longer has to hide his smile or worry about decay because of the overcrowding. He doesn't have to worry about being made fun of or "that first impression" because of his teeth...I have total confidence in Dr O'Leary and strongly recommend him to others. Sometimes we look back in our lives and wish we would have done things different. This is one of those times I wouldn't have done it any other way!

H Boehm


Getting braces has changed a lot over the years but the professionalism of Dr. O'Leary has not.  Our experience overall was pleasant and we woud recommend anyone needing ortho treatment to check out his office.



Everyone is outstanding!



Having braces sucks, but with the staff at Dr. O'Leary's office, it makes it easier.  Everyone is friendly and have their smiles on!!  They work to help you so you can get your braces off as quickly as possible.  They're AWESOME!!



I have 2 children and both need braces.  When we wnt to Dr. O'Leary we were not disappointed in the explanation of what my children needed.  His office staff was precise and very helpful.  We are very happy at the end results of the childrens therapy.  I would recommend Dr. O'Leary to anyone.  Well done and cudos to the staff also!  Thank you very much.




I really enjoyed my experience here!



The office is a clean and welcoming environment staffed with people who seem happy to see you and are very knowledgeable in their trade.  I have never experienced a time when it wasn't obvious I was a priority to Dr. O'Leary and his staff.  I am very satisfied with the orthodontic treatment I received and would recommend Dr. O'Leary to anyone with confidence.

Jason J.



Dr. O'Leary and his staff are wonderful and pleasant!  I had 3 daughters go through braces.  I turned 50 years old and decided to have braces put on and have strongly recommended some of my friends to do so with Dr. O'Leary.  Easy payment plans available too.  Dr. O'Leary gives you that perfect smile!

Karen H.

 3 for 3

O'Leary Orthodontics has taken care of 3 out of 5 smiles at our house and all are beautiful.  He worked with us financially, arranging payments and new product trials.  The support staff at O'Leary made each maintenance "tightening" visit ... really fun!  I wish we had more children who needed braces!!!  (just kidding)  I would recommend O'Leary Orthodontics whole-heartedly! 

Scot R.

  Excellent Service

Dr. O'Leary is the best place to go for braces.  Everybody is nice and the treatment experience is great!!  I recommend Dr. O'Leary if you want to have a beautiful and healthy smile.  Thank you Dr. O'Leary and staff members!!

Esther G.

Great Experience Everytime!!

Very friendly and always explains what is happening and what to expect next.  Love all the newest technology that they use to make each visit as easy and comfortable as possible.

Ashlyn F.

Above & Beyond

Our first visit to Dr. O'Leary's started well before we stepped into his office.  When we called to setup an appointment the staff was very friendly and pleasant.  The receptionist answered my questions & was able to schedule an appointment within the month.  They sent a GREAT informational package explaining the new technology they use @ the office.  (A LOT has changed since I was in braces!)  The packet was filled with information but the best part was Dr. O'Leary's bio page.  It was comforting to "meet the Dr." before the visit.  When we arrived for our visit the staff was exceptionally friendly.  Working with my 10 year old daughter, they explained everything they were going to do before they did it; x-rays, pictures, basic check-up procedures.  They talked to HER, as the patient, and not JUST to me.  (That made her feel like she was important in the visit and not just "the little girl" in the background.)  Dr. O'Leary explained not only what HE would suggest, but also our other options.  That's rarely found.  This was nice to know and made me feel he really cared beyond a doctors standpoint.  He was cheerful and professional.  Explaining and showing us, on molds of teeth, what the problem areas were and how they could be corrected.  He spent a good amount of time with us, not making it seem rushed, and didn't leave until he answered all our questions.  My daughter is looking forward to her next appointment.  As we left she said to me, "Mom, they actually talked like I was there too.  This is the best!"  Made me feel even more comfortable knowing she felt comfortable.  Dr. O'Leary came highly recommended to us and I will HIGHLY RECOMMEND him to others!

Johanna H.


WOW!  Who ever thought going to a dentist could be enjoyable?  The Dr. and staff really get to know their patients on a personal level as well.

Kevin C.

Crooked to Straight

Dr. O'Leary and his staff have done a phenomenal job correcting my teeth.  My teeth were extremely crooked and I even had a tooth behind my normal row of teeth that Dr. O'Leary made room for in the front.  I can't believe that he was able to move that tooth!  I highly recommend Dr. O'Leary!


 A Lifetime Gift!

On this last visit, we received a before and after photo of my son's teeth after receiving treatment with Dr. O'Leary.  Having been turned away from other dentists because of his poorly aligned teeth, I was told to see Dr. O'Leary.  I must say, that I have been more that pleased with the results of what his teeth have turned out to look like!  Professional, prompt, very personal and helpful staff, who explain everything to you exceeded what I had expected.  You are more than a patient!  They really try to get to know you, making you feel special every time you visit.  First impressions in life do matter.  Unfortunately we live in a world where looks, perception, matter.  I use to think of my son growing up, placing himself in some professional field, opening his mouth to speak, and the focus would have been drawn to his terribly crooked, misaligned teeth.  He even had a hard time cleaning them correctly so he had a build up of plaque, swollen gums.  As he grew, I wondered what kind of decay and other health problems could have happened as a result of not getting them straightened.  I absolutely could cry when I look at the photos of him.  What a beautiful lifetime of a gift you have given him.  Thank you so much!

Holly B 

Friendly, Caring, Professional

Our entire experience with this organization has been positive.  Everyone is very caring and professional.  When my son needed to be seen on short notice, the appointment was scheduled for the same morning.  I would highly recommend Dr. O'Leary and his staff to everyone.


Great Service and Experience!

Dr. O'Leary has the most friendly and happy staff.  The service I receive is wonderful and fun every time I visit.  - Jaren M. 10 years old.


 Anonymous Review

Everyone there is friendly and nice.  They take their time on everyone so that they can have the best treatment and the best teeth possible.



Dr. O'Leary Office

I like to go to Dr. O'Leary because he is funny and nice.  He explains things well in a way that I can understand.  All the ladies are nice there too.  It doesn't matter where they are, behind the counter or taking care of a patient.  I enjoy O'Leary and would recommend him to anyone!


Best Orthodontist in Town

Friendly staff and wonderful place to visit.  Enjoy the visit and time goes fast.  Coffee and cocoa in waiting room is very tasty and fun to make.


 Top Notch

Staff is very friendly and helpful.  Appointments are on time but not rushed.  Dr. O'Leary is always friendly and takes time to chat and answer any questions.

Kim R.





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